At our Saw Mill we manufacture native Oak and Pine species sourced from Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Because we source our material locally, we are limited by what grows in nature around us. 


Pine lumber is cut from evergreen trees, many kinds of which are abundant all across the globe. Generally considered softwood, pine is the material of choice for much construction work, including furniture and craft design. This preference partially stems from the fact that pine trees tend to grow faster than hardwood trees, so the supply of pine lumber can be quickly replenished.

White Oak

A versatile oak with many uses and qualities. This wood is straight-grained with a moderate coarse texture and a pale-yellow to brown color. It wears well and is resistant to exterior adversities. It produces some of the finest oak veneers and lumber while being easy to work with and bending easily. The most valuable aspect of white oak comes from its cells, which contain a honeycomb like substance called tyloses. This makes white oak watertight and thus great for boat building and ideal in making whiskey barrels.

Red Oak

Red Oak is a very popular wood due to the fact that it is very hard wearing and heavy. Known for having lovely open wood grain markings. Oak can be purchased in two species white oak and red oak.




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